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The NC110A series audible/visual nurse-call system is designed for health-care applications where voice communication is not required, but only tones and lights are needed. The NC110A is U.L. Listed 1069, to the latest standards.

When a remote station is activated, the NC110A master will sound an electronic tone and will light a corresponding LED, indicating the location of the call. The tone signal can be silenced at the master station (and/or at the optional li150b remote duty station(s) for non-emergency calls). The individual LED Will remain lighted until the remote station is reset at the point of origination only.

The NC110A master annunciator is a compact desk mount type, and features 50 call-placed LEDs, built-in tone signal and tone silence button, as required by U.L.

You can even add pocket-paging capability as well, to signal staff members that are away from the master station(s).

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System Components


Wiring Information

See system Installation Manual: IL381 for more complete wiring information.

Spec Sheets / Literature

  • 108082 Specialty Call Cord Device (Twitch Switch)
  • 11201-09 Specialty Air-Activated Call Cord (BreathCall Series)
  • 5727-1PW 1-Gang White Surface Plastic Back Box (Special-Order)
  • 5747-1PW 1-Gang White Surface Plastic Back Box (NC500 Series)
  • 8-Page Alpha Communications® Condensed (FULL COLOR) Product Catalog
  • Alpha-Log v4 System Software
  • AlphaCommunications® Limited Warranty
  • AP021G Series Plastic Adapter Plate 2 gang to 1 gang
  • AP031G Series Plastic Adapter Plate 3 gang to 1 gang
  • BE006A 24VDC Mini Buzzer
  • Condensed Nurse-Call Systems Product Guide (24 pages)
  • FZ151 Inline Fuse Holder and 4 Amp Fuse
  • H-240 24VDC Mini Buzzer/Horn
  • IH151N Equipment Cabinet (U.L. 1069 Listed)
  • IH352 / IH353 / IH355 / IH356 / IH357 / IH358 Electrical Boxes/Mounting Rings
  • Intercom Wire and Cable For Low Voltage Applications
  • LI118B (DC) / LI123B (AC) Corridor Lamps with Buzzers
  • LI150B Duty Station (NC110N/NC150N/NC150R/NC200N Series)
  • LI381 Corridor Light - LI382 Corridor Zone Light
  • LI381B Corridor Light with built-in Piezo Buzzer (24VDC)
  • LI382LED 2 Color LED Corridor Zone Light
  • LI383 3-Bulb Corridor Light for NC205
  • MLS-485 Series Network Controllers
  • NC110A Audible / Visual 50 L.E.D. Nurse-Call Master (no intercom)
  • NC267 Wireless Pendant Receiver Unit - Maintained Contact Type
  • NC366A On-Site UHF Paging System Transmitter/Control Unit
  • NC369 On-Site UHF Paging System Transmitter/Control Unit
  • NC399P Alphanumeric Pocket Pager
  • PC-25 Power/Standy Power Supply UPS (formerly called PK250)
  • PK124 Battery Charger (used for battery back-up)
  • PK124K Battery Back-Up Kit (used for battery back-up)
  • PK151A Annunciator Control Unit
  • PK151N Annunciator Control Unit
  • PK152 Annunciator Control Unit
  • PK153 High Priority Emergency Call Control Unit
  • PK250B Power/Standy Power Supply U.P.S.
  • PK800A Room Status/Auxiliary Power Supply Unit
  • PT-IP Alpha Page Pocket Paging Transmitter (MLS Series)
  • PT-IP2 Alpha Page Pocket Paging Transmitter (MLS Series)
  • SDACT-2 Serial Dialer and Digital Communicator
  • SF100C Single Visual Patient Station (NC110N system)
  • SF101C Visual Staff Station (NC110N system)
  • SF102 Double Visual Patient Station (NC110N system)
  • SF153N Emergency Push Station - St. Steel Faceplate
  • SF155B Emergency Pull/Push Station with L.E.D.
  • SF156B Code Call (Code Blue) Station (Non-Supervised)
  • SF301/8 (Single) / SF302 (Dual) Call Cords
  • SF301G (Single) / SF302G (Dual) Geriatric Call Cords
  • SF311 (Single) / SF312 (Dual) Call Cords
  • SF337C Emergency Pull/Push Shower Station
  • SF339 Emergency Push Station (Mushroom-Style Button)
  • SF7717 and SF7717D Locking Type Call Cords
  • TAK-4200 Telephone Auto Dialer and Announcer Unit
  • TAK-4202 Telephone Auto Dialer and Announcer Unit (2-Input)
  • TAK-4208 Telephone Auto Dialer and Announcer Unit (8-Input)
  • TX125-ENC Alpha Page Pocket Paging Transmitter (MLS Series)
  • U.L. Listed DC Power Supplies
  • U.L. Listed Plug-In Power Transformers
  • U.L. Listed Power Transformers
  • WP067 Wireless Water-Resistant Miniature Pendant Transmitter
  • NC110A LED Visual (non-voice) Nurse-Call System - U.L. 1069


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